GoIng To Game City/ The VidieoGame Arcade!

Yesterday, we went to the videogame arcade in Nottingham with me, Alicia, Nikki, Luke, their mum Emma and my nanny. First off I got up at about 07:30 in the morning to get on the train by 09:38. We then met up with 3 other HE families. It took about 1 hour and 10 minutes on the train and then about another 15 mins walking to the place.

 When we finally got there and walked in there was a HUGE board with a photo of stampy cat :3!! the first game me and Alicia played on was this shooting game that I cant remember ( not space invaders ). after we got bored we went upstairs to play more games, there was this one quite good game that everybody could join in but we only got about 5 minutes!

Then... FINALLY(!!!) ......A very quick and not even proper coding lesson with scratch! The FREE coding lessons on Khan Academy were much better than the whole thing!!!

On the way back we started playing with nanny's phone again.......!     


  1. Thanks, nanny's phone was probably the most exiting thing of the whole trip!!! ;)


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