A Lunar Eclipse!!!

Last night at about 2:45 I was woken up to see a LUNAR ECLIPSE and a SUPER MOON at the same time! I'm surprised I managed to get up even though I knew I was going to be woke up! Anyway once I joined my nanny and grandad in the attic/future bedroom I saw a black disc with just a little light at the bottom, I stood there for about half an hour, grandad didn't think it was worth it but I liked it. Pretty soon all there was was a orangey red coloured moon in the sky... but we didn't get many good photos!

We didn't know how a lunar eclipse could happen because the moon only orbits the earth so at no time does the moon go behind the sun!!!! But as it turns out its only a shadow of the earth covering the moon and it's when the sun, moon and earth are almost inline!!!! A super moon happens when it is a new moon or a full moon, and it's when the moon is closest to the earth!!!!


  1. I didn't see it :( I forgot there was gonna be a lunar eclipse (By the way dog lover is Alicia) :)

  2. oh that's a shame, and I had to update the post cos something went wrong and it deleted some text!!! :(

  3. I did a blog and it deleted the whole thing :(

  4. o_O I would quit if I had done that!!!


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