World War 2 On The Home Front!!

On Saturday, 26th of September we ( me, jess, grandad and nanny) drove though to Rufford Abbey to see a world war 2 themed show that my grandad really wanted to go to! When we got there it was a pain to park, luckily there were still a few spaces available! After we managed to get into the main place we saw a ruin of an Abbey(!) and a couple of REAL tanks!!!

This is a Vickers machine gun! 

We passed a load of tents with people in who were dressed as solders a few had fake, bloody, nasty looking wounds on them.... they haven't seen my nan dress me up like a zombie for Halloween! We saw a tent with loads of world war 2 sweets and the man said that he's been collecting them but what he can't find he makes himself.... he gave me a sweetie cigarate....once I had eaten it I said to my grandad that I hoped that he HAD made it himself.... otherwise I would have just eaten a 70 year old sweet!!!

There were a few demonstrations on, one was fire in the abbey (fake!), another one was a air raid but unfortunately we missed these two but the one we did see was a demonstration of some 25 pounders........ IT WAS VERY VERY NOISY!!!!! I thought I would of got used to the booms after one or two but no I made me jump every single time!

This is me holding a Lee Enfield 303... Thinking about it, I was probably thinking that I was glad that grandad didn't get his hands on it.... lucky It couldn't fire!
We went and had a look inside the ruins, it was pretty cool...... but no where near as cool as what happened soon after!! Before I get into that, we went into a little building where a old projector was standing on a table next to a man, we went and sat down in one of the seats along with a few other people and waited until the film (cartoon) started. The cartoon was REALLY wacky it was to do with the war and apparently it was to amuse the solders!!! The man standing there gave me two pieces of film!

Here are a few other war items that we saw including uniform!

Now onto the coolest part of the trip (!)..... We had a Spitfire, Hurricane and Dakota fly past! First came the spitfire and the Hurricane, and about 15 minutes later the Dakota! All the planes were REAL from world war 2!!!! there's more that happened but it would take all night to say it ALL!


  1. you looked worry when you was holding a gun :0

  2. yeah, I was hoping nanny and grandad or jess go a hold of it!


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