Bush craft day

On the 11th August, me, my sister and my grandad went on a bush craft day in Sherwood pines. As I had already been there once and enjoyed it, my grandad decided to buy us both a fire starter! When we got there we met up at a pretty well carved gruffalo, we waited for everybody to turn up.


 When everybody got here we were all given maps that led us to a "secret" camp where we would be doing all of the activities! once we had got there ( as I knew ) there was a ring of logs and a little fire pit in the middle.

 Our first activity was shelter building! we grouped up with somebody else ( a little girl and a mum!) First we got our ridge pole and put it on a tree with a branch coming off at about shoulder height( to keep your body heat close to you)! We then put poles leaning against the ridge pole. After that we then weaved in some thinner branches and then put loads of ferns and stuff like that.

I think this one was better than my previous one!!:)

After we finished that, we had lunch then we started fire lighting and roasting marshmallows!!! YUM YUM YUM NOM NOM NOM NOM was everything that happened  for the next half an hour!!

 Then, finally, we made little pendants out of sandpapered down pieces of wood!! 

^ Mine                                   ^ Jessica's


  1. That looks like super fun. I need to join in more and have some fun too. I think you did a great job in both your building and your pendants.x


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