Shire Brook Valley

NO bugs were hurt in the making of this blog post!!!

Yesterday, me nanny and Jessica went to Shire Brook Valley for a pond dipping session. When we got here we hung around for a bit, waiting, bored.... then we were brought inside and talked about life cycles and what we should find in the ponds. We then just quickly ran over some rules and we had a choice of two ponds, we went to the furthest one, about a minutes walk... so not they far away.

Anyways, here are some photos of what we caught!
Mayfly Lava.
Water Skater.


We didn't just do pond dipping though, a couple of us (me included) did Clarity Testing, and the water was surprisingly clean, I could see 11 dots out of 12. I didn't know pond water could be that clear! The couple of us doing to Clarity Testing also did a PH Test, I got a 5,5 which means the water is quite acidic! I didn't see anybody else's results though... so I might of had a faulty strip, I dunno.

Photograph of us doing stuff.

Doing stuff! Important stuff! Like unfolding a piece of paper! Have I got a big nose? 0.0 oooh.


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