St. John Ambulance

Yesterday I went to St. John Ambulance (not that I don't go every week, but I'm just talking about this week). The first lesson was about drowning, which was strange because earlier that day me, my nanny and grandad were talking about swimming lessons for me, which I hate by the way.

The drowning lesson was mainly how to get them out, without jumping in after them. We did cover how to treat them. But I'm not gonna go through it! ;)

Then we had a break.................................................................. a long one. Actually only about 20 minutes, but ok.

Then we went onto learning about the human eye and what can go wrong and how to treat it, stuff like chemicals in the eye, foreign objects in the eye and so on. They weren't looking for diseases and stuff like that, though.

This is a eyeball I drew form memory from the previous day at Cadets, And I threw a brain in there for good measure! ;)

We then went on to treating dummies, I got put In a group where they we teaching how to help someone who was choking to DEATH. I was the one to treat the baby, It amazed me how gentle I had to be. Even on a dummy!


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