Aircraft Museum

Yesterday me, Jess and my grandad went to the aircraft museum in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, to learn how aeroplanes and helicopters fly. There was a home educators day there so we decide to go and have a look what's there. As soon as we got there (after a half-an-hour trip) we imminently saw a HUGE helicopter and aeroplanes!

When we got inside we waited a while... then the lesson stared! I already know a little bit about how aeroplanes flew but I didn't know 95% of what they taught me then and there. My favourite part of that lesson was the little clip they showed us of early attempts of flying... IT WAS HILARIOUS!!! Hehe. :3

We had dinner. It was yummy.

We then had a look around the actual museum, here are some pictures:

Big helicopter.

Another helicopter..... we don't seem to be moving...... aw. :(


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