3 Days Of Cooking

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday last week Me and Jess went to the Tesco in Rotherham to learn how to cook!

The three days we were there we made 3 items a day, but I'm only going to talk about my favourite :3:

Day 1.  Pitta Bread with some sort of really nice tomato topping! This was probably my favourite out all 3, It was surprisingly nice (considering I helped to make it!). And guess what two ingredients we made the pitta bread out of??? I will reveal in the comment section! ;)

Day 2.  Chow mien. I learned that this name actually means 'left overs' in Chinese! We also made a bread mixture to bring home, see below.

Day 3. A Greek salad!!! I like most Greek food and I love salad! Greek food + salad = YUMMY! :D I probably liked the cheese that was in it most.

Bread, not very edible.-_- 

And probably the part that I liked best of all 3 cooking lessons was the fact than I took part with chopping, grating, squeezing, squishing, stirring.... *huff* *puff*, peeling and most importantly... EATING!!!! Wow, I took part in all of that, yet, everybody survived the food. Hehe.


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