Sleep Overs! But Christmas is over! :(

Well, that's Christmas done for another year. My little sister Jess is back in school (HURRAY!!!!!), time to start work again. Oh... 2016.... 16 % 4 ....... It's a LEAP YEAR! WHOOP WHOOP.

I got loads of nice stuff for Christmas, including the laptop that I'm using to write this post.

Anyway, between Christmas and new year I had 2 sleep overs with my Home Ed best friend and my School friends: Molly & Bonnie the twins, and Alicia (Home ed). They were pretty neat (the sleep overs) they weren't girly (AT ALL!) either, I'm not girly. Like I didn't scream "PILLOW FIGHT!!!!!" every 2 minutes. They were more playing games like minecraft and terraria on my ps3. We slept in my new room (painted green and yellow). It liked 'em.

355 days 'till Christmas yaaaaaaaay, no.

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  1. I have a friend who was born on a leap day in 1980. So she has only reaally had 8 birthdays and will have her 9th this February even though she has been alive almost 36 years. She cheats and uses the 1st March when it isn't a leap day though.
    Alicia loved her sleep over and as her mum I am a little jealous as I love loft rooms!
    Enjoy this years work, sure we'll do some stuff together too.x

  2. I loved going on the sleepover with you Abbiegail thanks for having me and your room is nice as well!


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