A Round-Up Of What We've Done In 2015.

I started 2015 in school, as I'd wanted to come out for a while my nanny took me out in May. Up until May it was VERY boring so not much to talk about, HOWEVER this is some of what happened afterwards:

Dissecting Owl Pellets.

Conisbrough Castle

Be A Scientist Day at Sheffield University 

As you can tell, I love snakes!

Being abducted by Aliens.

Egg Incubating


And lots of little Duckies!

Nottingham Castle
Shelter Building 
Either we've shrunk or this chair has grown

I joined St John ambulance cadets

At the Anne Frank exhibition


A little fun with a microscope! ;)


  1. It has been a great experience hasn't it? I can't wait to see what we all get up to this year. (Emma)


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