Pandora's Box

Today we looked at the story of Pandora's box! here is the basic outline of the story. :)

Basically... a women called Pandora was made by some gods and was sent by Hermes from the heavens, she was given a boy called Epimetheus, Epimethus had no mum or dad so was happy to go with Pandora. She saw a box and was then curious of what was inside it so she asked Epimetheus what was inside but he didn't know all he knew was that someone had gave it him to keep safe. But Pandora was too curious to resist taking a peep inside, so while Epimetheus was out picking flowers for her she decided to open the box, just as Epimetheus walked through the door a swarm of troubles came flying out of the box and stung them both and she quickly shut the box.. but it was too late!
"please let me out" came a soft voice inside the box.
"NO!" said Pandora... "please, I'm sure you will" the voice said, so Epimetheus and Pandora open the box only to let out a pretty fairy.
" Hello, my name is hope I will protect the world from the troubles!"
Pretty much the end!

Me and my sister jess also made the Pandora's box, and had great fun MOST of the time 'cos' some things went wrong, we painted a box and made our own troubles! :)

This is me drawing troubles.
This is me gluing the box. 
This is my little sister jess drawing her troubles.
And THIS is the finished Pandora box! :D



  1. What a lovely story and video Abbie x

    1. Thank you very much...we enjoyed doing it! :)

  2. Pandora's box is such an important myth. You both replicated it very well.


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