First HE Meeting..... FOR AGES!!!!!!

On Wednesday I was taken to a HE meeting with Alicia, Nikki and there little brother Luke! This is the first time in ages that i have gone to a HE meeting, and it was pretty good timing as well..... THEY WERE MAKING BISCUITS!! Me and Alicia were one of the first to do them! as well as that I played minecraft with a boy who kept on KILLING me!!! the first time he said it was because he felt like but the second time it was because i wanted revenge!! >:( after that we started a war we both went digging for iron, i found the most but then i had to swap with someone decided to try and kill him with only iron boots and chest plate and din't bother mining so in the end he killed me with a full set of iron armor and an iron sword.

On Thursday I went to the park for another HE meeting.We also took our dog (Freda, Freya still can't come out as she only had another operation just last week! ) with us as you can see on the photo below.
Me and Freda! :)

After the meeting we went geocaching but unfortunately for us we didn't find it :( 
   We WILL NOT give up WE WILL find it!!! :)


  1. How lovely does the Country Park look from your photograph?! We are so lucky to have such gorgeous countryside around us.
    Glad you had fun making the biscuits, they tasted delicious too. ( Emma).


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