Conisbrough Castle!

Unfortunately, I have missed my HE meeting again today 'cos' my dog is in surgery again this morning and were waiting for the phone call to say she's out of surgery and so my grandad can go and get her! She has got a bacteria called e coli!!!:'(As I have got nothing to write about I thought I would do my blog post on ' Conisborough Castle '.

We went to Conisborough Castle on the 1st of June were me, my nanny and grandad (and jess!) got to see all around the Castle ! It was very good but grandad had a bit of a weird moment looking down a toilet! we went up to the keep first were we saw a REAL (!) nest of live hawk chicks and they were sooooooo cute! they were in one of those archer slots which I have forgot the name of ! ;) we also saw a big well as we walked into the castle! Here is some information on the castle!..

....Conisbrough Castle was built by Hamelin Plantagenet, half brother of Henry II in the 1170’s. The  keep and parts of the gatehouse and curtain wall remain. By late Tudor times it was owned by George Carey, 1st Lord Hunsdon, high steward of the Borough of Doncaster, cousin to Queen Elzabeth and Lord Chamberlain. Its nearest neighbour was Tickhill castle over the limestone ridge to the south west.
This is a stone fireplace, I think it
looks good!

This is a piece of the ceiling stone
This is a part of the stone wall. It shows
what the wall looks like behind the
stone exterior!

It was very interesting to see the ruins of the castle grounds, we had a map that showed us where all the stuff like the kitchens, toilets, chapel, buttery, bake-house (and more!) use to be!

To end the day off, we went into the Conisbrough castle museum. There were plenty of interesting things there!

We got a pen and a pencil each for me and Jessica!


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