A Busy Two Days!

On Wednesday as you would of seen if you've seen my older post we went to the apple store in meadowhall, when we got  back a  digital microscope was waiting for us at home, we spent a few hours looking at bugs and a bit of my grandads blood,. The microscope was purple and had a light on it, it could also take photos! it was really interesting.. except the dead spider, now THAT was creepy! Here are some photos!...

A fly eye!
A flys wing!
A daisy doesn't look so nice does it?!?!

yesterday we found a micro cash and it was TEENY! It was about an inch high and half that wide!!!!!!!!!It was also our second and last day at the apple store in meadowhall, it was supposed to be 3 days but we found out that the third day was just people talking so we didn't bother.We made our Ibooks and mine was about a dragon called puff I would show you the story but i can't get it up! :( And PLUS my drawing on the iPad...... IS BAD!!!!!


We also had s bit of fun on the train coming home with nanny playing with her phone!

>.< Thats fizzy!

......*no comment!*


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