On the 18th July.... WE FOUND OUR FIRST GEOCACHE!!!!!!!!!! In case you didn't know what a geocache was it is basically a treasure hunt, but it can take you all across Europe! the one we found was only in langold woods! sometimes they can have gifts in and other times you swap things like books! If you find one there is always a piece of paper inside on which you write your name on. ;)

This is me and my sister holding our first geocache! :)

We will be going out finding more! there about 40 within 1 hours walk... Jessica WILL NOT like us after this!! o_O 


  1. Well done on finding your first Geo Cache.We have never even done one, not sure our phone would even be up to it, ha.
    Enjoy your new hobby, hope you come across some cool finds.x

  2. thanks, its really fun, but there is a lot of walking around... will Alicia up for the walk? ;)


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