Savoy Cinema- - The Good Dinosaur!


Yesterday (Me, my little sister (who is now Home ED), Alicia, Luke, Nikki, my Nanny and their Mum) went to the savoy cinema in Worksop and watched 'The good dinosaur'.

It's about what it would be like if the asteroid, that killed the dinosaurs, missed earth. The dinosaurs then evolve and gain speech, the ability to farm and trap other animals.

The story starts off with 3 eggs (whose names I can't remember) hatching. So not much happens first, but then the 'Papa' dinosaur (which by the way looks like a species a Brachiosaurus) dies and the little dinosaur get washed away by a storm (which killed his dad) and goes on this weird adventure (with doesn't seem as childish as you think, Its rated PG for a reason;). I am NOT going to spoil the story so you can watch it yourself! :)

It think Its a good story (well animated too) with a few twists and turns, Id rate 8.9/10. Why drop the 1.1 mark? Cos in my personal opinion it a little TOO friendly, DON'T get me wrong there are some shocking, sad and just unexpected twists but it IS still really kid friendly, and I'm more into horror! ;) And that's the ONLY reason I marked I down!


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