Well, my rats are doing fine except one bit me and my nanny. I don't blame that on the rat though, but I don't blame it on us either.

Anyway very soon I'm gonna get another rat, one that's been handled before, and see how I go with that one. :) I've named my current rats Yin & Yang cos when they sleep together that's what they look like! Hehe. I don't have favourites by the way. ;)

They're doing alright I've found Yin's (the white hooded one) favourite snack, Cheerios! Not sure on Yang though, he's the one who bit me and nanny. :( But they are still ADORABLE!!!!!

I can't easily get photos of them but I'll try!

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!
The one on the left is Yang and the other one's Yin.


  1. They are sweet and like the final names.
    Hope you can get them so they don't bite.


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