Dairy of a Minecraft Creeper- The Potion Brewer: A eBook Review!

WARNING!: Major spoilers alert!

First off, anyone who has played the game ‘Minecraft’ will know that creepers are a very hostile mob that are forever trying to kill you by blowing up in your face (and by doing so you lose all your stuff which can be REALLY annoying if you have been mining and have gathered resources to help you survive)!

But this story is about a creeper that is very lonely and only wants to make some friends but doesn’t succeed.

 He starts off by talking to another creeper that tells him about a ‘potion brewer’ (A witch) that may be able to help with his lack of friends. On the way he bumps into mobs (some of which are nice, others not so nice), the first one who he literally bumps into is a Skeleton with attitude, and lots of it.
He then sees a Zombie who has forgotten something but then finds out when Creeper pulls him out of the sun as his arms had started to burn, he then remembers and it was to ‘Get out of the sun because he’s going to burn to a crisp!’. Creeper asked the Zombie if he’d seen the ‘potion brewer’, he said no but then he stated that he knew someone who did!

 And that soon turned out to be a Zombie Pigman that lead him to the witches hut, but seemed reluctant to do so.

When he found the witch she claimed that she couldn’t do anything, Creeper then asked if she could give him a potion the would make him more likeable, she did that (but the rest of the story hints towards the fact that it was just a bottle of water that seemed to just give him a little bit more confidence!).

He met a few people/mobs but had no luck. But then, as he started to sulk behind a bush, a little chicken jokey came up to him (a ‘chicken jokey’ is a baby zombie sat riding a chicken) and started to talk, but then the ending was a HUGE twist that was different from the so far family-friendly story, that I’m NOT going to give away. Read it yourself!


  1. This sounds good but I HATE e-books :-}

    1. I'll reply Abbie as don't think Alicia has seen this. She hates them because to her they don't feel like books and I don't think she gets "lost in them" like she does with a paper book. I think she is the same as me as I struggle with that also.


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