15 Days To Go, Nooo! COME ON CHRISTMAS!!!

Christmas, come ooooon, Ugh. I haven't even had my calender chocolate yet, *Whimper*.
Silent night, Holy night. All is calm. All is bright. Aaaaaaaaand I'm going to stop there as it gets a bit too religious for me, and I'm not into any religion (Sorry). (I'm not saying anything bad about religion people can believe in what they want Winking) (<< Hehe, emotion)

Oh, its still grey outside. Confused (<< Hehe, emotion) But good news is that tomorrow I'll have something worth talking about!

15 days to goo! yay!Grin

WHO LOVES MINIONS?!?!?!?!?! I do :)


  1. You cheered me up as this horrible grey weather is making me feel bleurgh at the moment. We need to catch up when things calm down from all the organizing.x (Emma)

  2. Yes! That's what I was hopping to do, cheer people up for Christmas! :)


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