1st December o.O

1st December, I've done no posts in the WHOLE of November! Sorry, November was a CRAZY month. We watched quite a few films at the cinema with th 'Into Film Festival!' and, unfortunately, I had a nasty deadline to do a load of work (witch I passed!). But now I'm back to normal!

So, anyway, 1st of DECEMBER!!! Tis the season to be jolly, falalalala la la la la . (I will be doing a little bit of a Christmas song in every post I do leading up to Christmas! And naughty grandad forgot the Christmas calendars!

Also in November, my little sisters school has had a fire! But it was NO WHERE NEAR as bad as the news made out it was just a little electric fault and its manly smoke damage, nothing to serious.
Shes been off for about THREE weeks! So as well as my nanny having to get work ready for me she had to sort of Jess aswell, and that resulted in me having to teach myself! :(

One good thing about the fire has been that my friends Molly and Bonnie have been coming round after school for a few hours each day (year 6 are going to the local secondary school so they don't miss lessons). I also had a sleepover there last weekend and we all made pizza with their dad! It was the best mushroom Pizza EVER! (And I don't like mushrooms!)


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