The 3rd And Still Havent Bought Much! :(

Nooo, not too long left and STILL haven't bought anything for my uncles, aunties or nanny! (O.o) I have bought my little sister jess and my grandad something though! (Well..... my nan's bought them something but I'm paying her!)

Oh, wait I've forgotten something............ Jingle bells Jingle bells, Jingle all the way. Oh what fun it is to ride a one horse open sleigh, HEY! Hehe, that's better :3 And Jessica's back in school today!!!! YAY! I can actually consternate! But, no more Molly and Bonnie coming round :(

I know these posts are a bit useless I've got a serious one soon that's not all happy and Christmassy, really..... the opposite! :(

But anyway......

Keep calm and....wait.... SANTAAAAAA!



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