My Birthday Yesterday And I'm 11.

Yesterday it was my birthday! 03/02/2016. For my birthday I got a remote control helicopter, as my main present, and a few presents from my friends who came just before and on my birthday.

2 of my friends came a day before my birthday after school, but before they were here my nanny, grandad and I all went to our local(ish) Cosco, we picked up my cake (which turned out to be specially made for me) and took it home! (a few hours later) Molly and bonnie (my school best friends) arrives and we watch the 'minion move' (witch was a present from them), we didn't quite get chance to finish it as they had to go though. :(

 I don't think the 'Minion Movie' was as good as the 'Despicable ME's' (1&2)

Anyway on my birthday I picked up (not literally) my HE best friend, Alicia, I got to spend more time with her for obvious reasons, we played on my ps3 for a bit but here's the interesting bit, After we came down we went outside, my grandad showed us how, and we shot a Co2 pistil and some targets! We then went onto My bow and arrow and shot some arrows (We missed with all of them) and lastly (My favourite) a crossbow! Now that one was and still is my favourite shooting thing! ;)

PS. Im 4018 (4017 on my birthday) apparently! Work it out! ;)


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