3 New Rats :)

Now, I know I seem to be getting a lot of rats, but, today our 2 oldest ones (Yin and Yang) went to a better home where the nice lady there is not afraid at all of them and just took them out and cuddled them :3 I now have 5 rats O.O They are all well behaved

This is Lemon, she is a Creme Dumbo! She is around 2 months (we think)

This is Champagne, she is a Champagne Russian!!! She is a year old

This is also Champagne :)

This is Barley, she is a Wheaten Burmese! She is also around 2 months (again, we think, judging by their size)


  1. Lemon and barley are 2 months, you are right:). Their birthday is 25/04/2016. I don't know champagne's date of birth, but she is around 9/10 months old :)

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