York, Shire Brook & Horrible Histories

Last Friday, Me, nanny, Jess grandad went to York for a meal at an Italian restaurant that my nanny bought vouchers to, it was quite nice but i wont be paying the price, its not worth it really. We also took a walk down the Shambles, it was strange as I never seen a street like that before :) We also went to a museum. It was okay, didn't like it THAT much but there were some interesting trains :/

On Monday we went BACK to Shire Brook valley to do some more stuff, this time... BUG HUNTING :D  It was a good trip out, mostly cuz I think I've found a new species!!! EVEN OUR TEACHER COULDN'T NAME IT! She was quite exited at what I found and took some pictures. :)
We did a bit more but I'm NOT going into that, hehe :3

This is another thing we did, flower bashing :)
Then, on Tuesday, we went to York for a theatre show (Horrible Histories) and I didn't like it at all -_-
It was just too.... ANNOYING, there WERE some funny bits, and a couple of jump-scares, which, all the littler ones (there was a couple of schools there) screamed (LIKE REALLY SCREAMED) at jump-scares that they knew were coming, which was annoying (so much i got a head-ache)... so yeah.



  1. I like horrible history. I have a few blogs coming soon a really super duper fun one, for me anyway :)


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