Pokemon GO.... Yup.

By now I bet you all know about the fabled game, Pokemon Go. If not, Here you are.

Pokemon GO has recently been released into the UK, and it's mayhem. The actual Pokemon site crashed because of how many people want this game. And now, I have managed to get the game, I just got it this morning and I already have 35+ Pokemon, plus 3 eggs.

This game is a good way of getting gamers out and about, in the best way possible! I had researched a lot about the game so I had an easy time getting started, I knew all about Poke-stops, eggs, How to evolve, and all the rest, the game is constantly being updated, so plenty of new thing to explore. And there's no need to spend money, just work hard at the game and you will feel much better than cheating and buying all the stuff you want/need. This is a free game, available on Android and Iphone. Up until 2 days ago I had never got a phone, I didn't want or need one in fact, but I asked to get one JUST to play this game, and it is SO WORTH IT! And no, you cannot get it on any other devices other than Iphone or Android, sorry, trust me, I tried. But who knows, they might bring out another version of it on, say, Kindle fire, for example.

Here's how to download (well, how i downloaded it any way):

1.Go onto Google play on your Android or Iphone.

2.Search 'Pokemon GO'.

3.Press 'download' or 'install'.

4.If it pops up saying to download the APK file, do so. (It didn't with mine)

5. Enjoy! PS. Please note that I might of been lucky with registering so quickly, even though it took a full day for the Pokemon site to fix itself, don't worry if it says that the site is down. Just wait a day or 2, OR try getting up early to beat the traffic to the site ;).

In conclusion, Pokemon GO is a great game 100/10. Definatley worth downloading!

So, yeah, I am now officially a poke-geek! :3


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