Shepherds Place Farm

Today we ( me, nanny, grandad, Alicia and my annoying sister) went to shepherd place farm, where we went for a hour volunteering session where we cleaned out some animals and got to stroke and hold some.

We started off with a painful trip there as there was a closed road where we needed to go and the sat nav wasn't helping... RECALCULATING! When we finally got there after our '20 minute trip' we immediately went to look at the ice-cream! Then a lady took me and Alicia around to do our thing, while grandad, nanny and AS (Annoying Sister) got ice-cream, cheeky things! >:( Anyway, we first set off to the first building containing Guinea-pigs, a Tortoise, Chicks,  more pinnea-gigs (Guinea-pigs)  and other things. We then went in the merekat enclosure we went in with them and cleaned up their poop. -_- But it was cool because I could touch one and they are so cute!!! We also went to see a few pigs and went into their pen too. And one is going on TV show soon apparently called '4 In A Bed' and another has already been on TV!

We then went home with Ice-cream, the end!

P.s. The farm is a really good experience. It's a nice little zoo/farm for youngsters!!! Go and try it for your self!


  1. I loved it! I can't wait to start going bit more regularly :D


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