My First REAL S.T.E.M Session.

Yesterday, I did my very first proper (I didn't go to the first one) S.T.E.M Session. The first one my sister went to (that I didn't) they made goo. This time however, we were looking at and learning about rocks, at first I was grumpy but it soon got interesting...!

We first looked at Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary rocks, I honestly didn't have a clue what these meant until I went there... The More You Know! :o What I also found interesting is that 1. Igneous rocks are formed by volcanic eruptions. 2. Sedimentary rocks are nice layers of sand, dirt, stone and whatever else. 3. Metamorphic rocks are basically Sedimentary rocks that have melted together. 4. All of these can become each other in any order!

We also got into groups and each group got a hand-made Sedimentary rock and there was something inside and we got some tools to dig it out with. After we did that we all got to make one hand-made Sedimentary rock ourselves, I haven't dug my little bug thing out yet but I will soon!

We also bought a Rock Tumbler the other week and this weekend we will be using it for the first time to see some pretty patterns in the rocks!


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