St. John Ambulance Remembrance Day Parade!

Today was the remembrance day parade and lots of local groups including St. John Ambulance, Air cadets, Army cadets, Sea cadets, Brownies + Guides (in the brownies and guides I went to they didn't learn to march, I didn't go there long so whatever), and a few other groups all met up to parade though Worksop for Remembrance day! Honestly, It was much better than I thought it would be. I was quite worried. But it was actually pretty good! Well, ... except the church part in which I actually nearly fell asleep, but I know a lot of people do believe in that sort of stuff so I'll keep my opinions to myself! But most of it was just marching, which Grandad thought was pretty........ Rubbish... -_- (Grandad's old so he went to the really old cadets where everything's done perfectly, hehe). Oh, and by the way as I'm writing this I am admiring how fast I can now type :) I taught myself :)! Anyway, it was pretty good. We started off marching down to the cenotaph from Savoy cinema where we sang "god save the queen" and loads of other stuff then the poppies were laid down and we set off marching again. until we got to the church then all that stuff happend then we marched all the way back to Savoy cinema.


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