Why Do Onions Make You Cry?

Why do onions make you cry? Onions produce a chemical called syn-propanethial-S-oxide, which is an irritant that stimulates the eyes' lachrymal glands and they produce tears!
There wasn't really a reason I made this post, I was just cutting onions for the stew that my nanny was going to make (which I absolutely hate) when my eyes started to sting, I know the thing where onions make you cry but I was wondering "What actually makes my eyes water?" and so I searched it and made a post out of it. I was going to make a poem to help remember but I got bored and realised I couldn't do it and that nothing rhymes with OXIDE, so yeah. That's it.
As I was being mardy and won't write the poem my Nan and Grandad wrote one!!

 An Ode To Onions

Why does the onion hurt my eyes?
It happens when I make my pies
It always makes them burn & sting
I'm beginning to hate the stupid thing
It happens every single time
It really has become a bind
So please do help me if you would
Else I will have to switch to pud
Please advise if you are wise
Why does the onion hurt my eyes?


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