This Week's Round-Up!

I dont know if I am going to be doing a weekly round-up EVERY week, but this is THIS week's round-up:

On Sunday (New Years Day) was our first day of the #walk1000miles challenge and it went okay, coming in at about 3.85 miles (it only counts when you actually walk out the door to purposely walk, not just walking around the house)! Nothing interesting happens on Tuesday, just walking again.

BUT, on Wednesday it was my first day of parkour,and SJA after that.... AS WELL AS WALKING! Thursday was pretty bland, but walking as usual. Friday We went to watch the new film "Moana".... I REALLY LIKED THIS FILM! I even liked the music! And after the film Nikki came over and did our walk with us and then decided to have a sleep over which was cool. And so far I've walked 27.11 miles in the first week! Oh, and Jessica got her hair Dyed... AGAIN.

This is a Treecreeper.


  1. I enjoyed Moana too. I'll definitely watch it again.
    Well done on your efforts with the 1000 mile challenge. You'll accomplish this and probably be one of the youngest to do so.


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