Beached Whales In New Zealand :(

As some might already know there has been an incident on the 9th of February where 416 whales were beached in New Zealand's Golden Bay, and so far about 75% of those whales have already died. Volunteers have come to help the surviving whales and have managed to re-float about 100 whales, yet some of those whales CAME BACK and were re-beached and some haven't returned.

But now they have to deal with all those that have died... OVER 300 WHALE BODIES!! These whales have an average length of 7.5 meters, so just imagine how they would do it... because I certainly can't. 😮😶 Dead whales also have the tendency to bloat up with gas and, uuuuuh, pop?

Golden bay has had many beaching due to the hooked shaped sand ring called 'Farewell spit' that goes into the Tasman sea which makes it difficult to get out of using the whales sense of navigation, echo location. In the last ten years, 9 mass beaching have occurred in the same location, this one included. Yet, this one is the biggest in Golden Bay, but not the biggest ever recorded. In 1918, Chatham Islands, 1,000 whales were stranded and in 1985, Auckland, 450 whales were stranded! This is one of the biggest though, but like I said NOT the biggest ever. Scientists have some of  their own theories, one includes solar storms interrupting the magnetic fields... but that's just a theory, a whale theory!


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