CHOCOLATE!!!!! And Also Birthday....!!!!

After 3 weeks of NO CHOCOLATE, limited processed food or sweets we are finally allowed to eat chocolate. It will only last 10 days though, and it started on my Birthday, the 3rd of February. Speaking of which, I got a huge 10 piece babushka doll set! I've got a little collection of babushka dolls (also known as Russian or nesting dolls) but this one is my favourite, the little baby one is SO SMALL! Although... I've got to be careful with the baby one... because I'll inhale it and I'll choke to death..... 😮!!! But anyway.... I also got a little measuring set for cup's, as a lot of the recipes I find measure in cups it will come in handy, but that's not the best part about them.... THEY'RE  A SET OF THREE BABUSHKAS!!! I also now have an emoji themed bed room.


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