New Puppy!

Not really been updating but here's something worth talking about, out new puppy!

Last Friday, 19th May, we went out to Heckington to pick up our little boy, Loki. We had been waiting for a e-mail from a lady so say when we can pick him up and I never stopped marthering nanny to check. Meanwhile, we were deciding what we should call him. My first suggestion was Loki, Norse god of mischief. We went though a few names like 'Darby', which I wasn't a fan of and soon neither was anyone else. So we settled for Loki, and we're glad we did, he lives up to his name, he's a little cute ball of nuisance!

He's a pedigree Deerhound. Which is what we need because when he's older we looking to mate him the Freya and Freda so we have more puppies!!! On thing we have noticed is that he has HUGE paws, ABSOLUTELY HUGE!!! He's 9 weeks old. He's only been with us 6 days an' I love him to bits!!

The funniest thing is though he settled in as soon as we got him, he's doing well with house training as he is doing most of his business outside. I think we achieved it by as soon as he wakes up put him outside, and the same with when he drank a lot. He seems to listen to me the most, he comes (most of the time, unless there's something more interesting) to me when I call his name and even stops when I tell he to (This isn't as often but he's getting better).


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